Looking to increase productivity, decrease costs and drive outcomes that matter for your employees and your business? Healthy Boss helps you focus on making your organization’s most mission critical “system” – your people – successful.
Businesses succeed where employees thrive.


Our 12 month program will take you through our seven Elements of Healthy Boss. We start each program, by assessing your current level of wellness and wellbeing as well as set each indivuals goals, both short and long term.


Key employees

Your dedicated coach guides you through the whole program and ensures you reach your goals. You will meet regulary with your dedicated coach, to assess your progress and make sure you stay on course. Through our A.I. tool you can communicate with your coach and receive support daily.



Our hand picked team is at your full disposal during your journey, whether it regards nutrition, avoiding jetlag or preparing for a big event. You team is in direct contact with it’s dedicated coach during the whole program and he or she will help you in all cases regarding your health and contacting our team.


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